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Who we are

We are here to empower people with disabilities through supports which connect them to resources and opportunities needed to thrive and live the lives they envision in the Iowa City area.

Our history

Our journey, more than 50 years of service in Iowa City


During this time, our primary service focus was working with disadvantaged youth, providing mentorship, job readiness training/opportunities, and fostering positive relationships and community involvement.


During these years our primary services continued to be youth focused. However, our programs started integrating more opportunities for kids with disabilities. We began offering an after-school program designed specifically to meet the needs of kids with physical and intellectual disabilities. Before long, we also began offering Adult Day Program Services to adults with disabilities, and providing some in-home services as well.


We opened our first Residential, Supported Community Living Home for adults with disabilities in 2009. This began tipping the scales in our transition from a youth service provider to a service provider specifically geared toward and designed to work with adults with intellectual and physical disabilities, as well as behavioral and mental health support needs. This period of time is marked by the intentional building of an experienced talent base to take the company to a new level. By 2013 we were operating five Residential Supported Community Living Homes and serving nearly 40 people in the Adult Day Program. During this time we grew from approximately 15 employees to nearly 100. In 2013 we discontinued all youth services and put full focus on what we knew had become our strength and passion.


This period of time is marked by continued growth. We carefully paced a growth rate built to never sacrifice the service quality we are committed to producing. We built our property infrastructure to meet service needs, administrative needs, and future growth opportunities.


Our mission

MYEP is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing advocacy and person-centered services which facilitate personal growth and community inclusion to people with disabilities. 


MYEP will be recognized as a leading provider of services to people with disabilities in Johnson County and the surrounding areas. 

  • People and families will seek our services because of our reputation for fostering personal relationships.  
  • State, county and local professionals will seek our services because of our success in providing a broad array of personalized services.  

MYEP will be recognized as a leading employer in Johnson County and the surrounding areas. 

  • People will seek employment with MYEP because of our supportive and positive culture.  
  • Employees will receive competitive compensation and benefits.  
  • We will attract, hire, and retain the best people.  

MYEP will commit to ensuring service quality is never sacrificed for organizational growth.

Guiding Principles and Core Values

Service Before Self

At MYEP, we deliver services that follow the principle of ‘Service Before Self’.  To us, this means that before taking any action or making any decision, we carefully consider the benefits to or impact on our service recipients.  We have respect for and believe in all human rights and strive to be creative, flexible, and cooperative in the services we provide.   

To fulfill our mission, vision and the principle of ‘Service Before Self’, we adhere to the following values:  

Our MYEP values

At MYEP, our jobs are more than just our jobs—they’re our life’s work, and the legacy we want to leave behind.

Exceeding expectations of those around us, while also understanding that mistakes are learning opportunities, are two of the ways that MYEP encourages continual improvement day in and day out.

Being honest, transparent, and ethical, as well as accountable, for our own actions. That is how we take ownership at MYEP.

Listening, collaboration, and communication are three of the biggest ways to engage and interact with those around us, and they are how we grow by learning from one another, each and every day.

Core value

Continual Improvement

Core value


Click here to view our MYEP Ownership video.

Core value


Meet our Co-Executive Directors

Megan Gerber

Co-Executive Director / Operations
Phone: (319) 341-0060
Ext: 7003

Kari Wilken

Co-Executive Director / HR
Phone: (319) 341-0060
Ext: 7017

Karen Scott

Co-Executive Director / Finance
Phone: (319) 341-0060
Ext: 7025

Chris Campbell

Co-Executive Director / Compliance
Phone: (319) 341-0060
Ext: 7018

Meet our Management Team

Rory Love

Facilities Coordinator
Phone: (319) 341-0060
Ext: 7032

Lindsey Lee

HR Coordinator
Phone: (319) 341-0060
Ext: 7002

Kevin Kimm

HR Coordinator
Phone: (319) 341-0060
Ext: 7007

Rae Ann Maulson

Service Coordinator
Phone: (319) 341-0060
Ext: 7016

Brianna Becicka

Service Coordinator
Phone: (319) 341-0060
Ext: 7009

Sarah Slade

Office Assistant
Phone: (319) 341-0060
Ext: 7033

Tracy Koenig

Service Coordinator
Phone: (319) 341-0060
Ext: 7005

Deana Alston

Service Coordinator
Phone: (319) 341-0060
Ext: 7030

Lisa Love

Service Coordinator
Phone: (319) 341-0060
Ext: 7010

Christine Fachman

Activity Coordinator & Community Support Liaison
Phone: (319) 341-0060
Ext: 7026

Tara Kelsey

Quality Advancement Coordinator
Phone: (319) 341-0060
Ext: 7028

Katie Kuehl

Senior Account
Phone: (319) 341-0060
Ext: 7042

Leather Berndt

Training & Quality Advancement Coordinator
Phone: (319) 341-0060
Ext: 7027

Amber Hoyt

Senior Accountant
Phone: (319) 341-0060
Ext: 7024

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